Additional to the designated employment instructors, as a program of gConnection With the Enterprisesh, experts from Special faculties of enterprises and different fields are invited as lecturers, to provide employment instructions aiming the acquisition of special knowledge and skills that are necessary for the business worldDAlso, by using the center as a place of different kinds of official approval examinations, people have got the chance of taking many qualifications by taking those courses. After taking certain instructions, they can even take practice in the Nakatsu satellite office or satellite offices set inside enterprises by their cooperation. The degree of the physical disorder doesnft matter no moreC Those who ever have the intention of getting a job and self]dependence has got a chance now. There are several items of the instruction contents that requires individual self]awarenessF such as commute with necktie and suitsCmany lectures are given by irregular instructors curriculum are divided precisely due to individualsC etc. Some seem to be very strictC but all these are

To help Those who have experienced make real contribution by becoming‚ member of the societyD

Training Subjects:Details:members:contents:use of machines
courses period

Number of trainees

Basic subject

Special subjects Major machines
 computer programmer



general knowledge filing expericeC introduction of information|processingCintroduction of computer|communicationC system administrator bookkeeping • accounting introduction of sales management sportsC enterprise lectures i company activitiesC employee educationC world economic situationD

system designC database operationC drafting introduction/cad operationC os operation/exerciseC network practice C company/satellite practice

Application practiceC computer accountingA programming theoryC os operation


sales experience



Application practiceC computer accountingA programming theoryC os operation


system printing



 filing skillA DTP introduction C Editing introductionCEditing experience

Power MAC(Apple)

Entrance qualification

     Those who have the intention of getting a job in a company
    Residents of Osaka who have a protective notebook
    Those who expect to get a job in the service industry or the business field