Last Update: March 18, 2002

「Osaka prefecture handicapped special consignment enterprise for the mentally-handicapped」
   In the first year, training programs of living habits and working habits necessary for Employment are provided. And in the second year, they start learning practical skills, raising the intention of working and make sure the position of working. Furthermore, develop the operation ability and intention through practice inside companies.

Training details
Contents Number
Fundamental subjects Special subjects
Master of basic knowledge and skills about vegetable plantation of hydroponics and practice related 5 ・Adaptation of working
・Safety and sanitation
・Consigned operation
・Agricultural fundamental operation
・Comprehension of operation procedure
・Plantation of hydroponics culture system and outdoor culture
・Management of solution
・Operation of farm machine
・Comprehension of operation procedure
・Company practice

Qualification for recruitment

・Those who have intention get a job
・Holding a protective notebook for the mentally-handicapped
・Those who are ready to take employment instruction
・Residents of Osaka
・Those who have got lecture indication from The Public Employment Security Center

They grow vegetable by plantation of hydroponics culture system.


Address: 1-1-110 Izumi,
       Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-0023

The Osaka Employment Instruction Center
 TEL: 06-6685-9075
 FAX: 06-6685-8064

 Subway Station: Suminoe-kouen station of Yotsubashi line
              Exit No.2
               Go west for 10 minutes by walk


Address: 6-2-55 Kire-nishi,
       Hirano-ku, Osaka 547-0026

All-around Conference Counter
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 FAX: 06-4302-8980