From Oct 12th, 1999 to Feb 1st, 2000, lectures on [the theme of Employment Rehabilitation] which focused on the subject of Production Therapy were held over 15 lessons at Study and Research Medical Welfare Institution of Kansai.

 Here is the introduction:

1f       First lecture: definition of handicap and the handicapped

1, Definition of the handicapped in our country.

2, Definition of the WHO.      

3, Cases in Canada.

4, Redefinition of the definition of the WHO.

5, Human behavior and the patterns.

(Date: Oct 12th, lecturer: Seki, Miyazaki)

2fSecond lecture: rehabilitation and social welfare.

1, The meaning of rehabilitation and its current.

2,The meaning of social welfare and its principle.

3,The difference and similarity between the welfare for the handicapped and rehabilitation.

(Date: Oct 19th, lecturer: Inoue )

Third lecture: meaning of occupations

1, Definition of labor.

2, Human life cycle of human being and labor.

3, Capitalist system and labor

4, Division of labor and occupations employment systems  bureaucratic systems.

(Date: Oct 26th, lecturer: Shimada)

4f      Fourth lecture: the severe employment situation.

1, Changes the industrial structure and economical situation.

2, Depressed economy and Business attitudes

3, Rapid increase of unemployment

5f     Fifth lecture: Conditions for the handicapped to get job.

1, Consciousness of the handicapped and people around them.

2, Function and limitation of the supporters.

3, Law system.

4, Consciousness of the employer.

5, Business tendencies

6, Local area cultivation/ development.

(Date: Nov 2nd,  lecturer: Masai)

6f Sixth lecture: the handicapped and their employment support system

1, Various systems concerned with employment of the handicapped.

2, Affirmative action and employment rate system.

3, Employment systems in around the world.

(Date: Nov 9th,  lecturer: Maeno)

Seventh lecture: social recourse supporting employment (1, administration side)

1, Labor-bureau related policies, government and facilities.

2, Welfare-bureau related policies, government and facilities.

3, Measures in the protective school.

(Date: Nov 16th, lecturer: Kobayashi)

Eighth lecture: social recourse supporting employment (2, employer side)

1,Japan Handicapped Employment Promotion Association.

2,Large-scale  Employment  Institution for heavy handicapped.

3,Japan Economic Union, (particularly) subsidiary ?company associations.

4,Small-and-medium-sized business  associations.

5,Occupation  communal  space.

(Date: Nov 30th, lecturer: Yasuda, Okamoto)