In this department, Training Standing OperationC Early morning overtime working, Box making operation itomson box machine box cover boxj set about the realistic working circumstances will be given to develop the skills and working intention of the traineesD Trainees who have finished  ‚ certain period of employment instruction will take practice in real manufacturing line in related enterprisesC and develop the ability of operation and skills by over ‚S times of practices like this. As the final step trainees will make choice of employment independentlyD
Also through self]supporting training£ as cultivation of independence ability wearing of neckties, traveling projects planned by the trainees themselvesCto help the trainees build consciousness of social independence and provide instructions from different aspects about developing onefs own potential abilityD

Training Subjects:Details:members:contents:use of machines

courses period Number of trainees Basic subject Special subjects Major machines



1 year

15 for April

5 for October

Comprehension Towards Handicapped

Social adaptation training

self]dependence training
iinstruction of self]supporting through quarteringj

study instruction

computer^word]processing operation


safety and sanitation
knowledge and skills of making boxes

flow and procedure of the operation

control of paper container products manufacturing machine

attention towards consigned working

manufacture of paper container products

computer data entry

practice inside enterprisesi‚S timesj

cutting machine

automatic pasting machine

corner]stopping machine

uniting machine

simple tomson machine


belt conveyer

personal computer €etc


Those who have intention to get a job

Those who have protective notebooks for the physically handicapped

Those who are ready to take employment instruction

Residents of Osaka

Those who have got lecture indication from the Public Employment Security Center

Snap pictures of training